Cancer Awareness

Cancer, YUCK!

I fought and won a battle with breast cancer. My dad, a sister, aunts, uncles, and friends have been taken away from me and family members by cancer in many forms. 

Fighting cancer was one of the most challenging times in my life. It took many things from me but it also gave me a different prospective of what my life should be.

While undergoing treatment my exposure to people was limited to avoid catching something as minor as a cold. During that time my wonderful husband drove me around Texas to small venues that taught jewelry making. He attended classes with me to make sure I was cautious because Chemo brain was alive and thriving within me. For quite a longtime the techniques I learned frequently led me to make awareness jewelry.

During my battle I thought about the many people who were fighting, had survived, angels who lost the battle and their family and friends. I wanted to reach out to those people to let them know they were thought of daily by many people. I started sending complimentary pieces of jewelry to people I knew and strangers. I donated pieces to auctions and cancer awareness group. To date I have created and given away over 300 pieces of cancer awareness jewelry.

Awareness can save lives. 


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