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The Artisans' Workbench
We are makers dedicated to creating unique items. Each of our pieces is designed and constructed with care taken to give the recipient joy in possessing.  
We understand that the marketplace changes, as do our customers' tastes. Therefore, most of our products are made in small batches or just one piece. This ensures that what you purchase is unique and our working studios remain flexible and not tied to one design or material.
We keep the wearer in mind while embracing designs specifically for women, men, children, and pets. We also create unique pieces for the home and office.
Adventures out on frequent journeys to enhance the variety of skills we use and to acquire new ones. These journeys also provide the opportunity to personally choose many of our materials providing you with exceptional metal, leather, wood, and stones used in our designs.
Metalsmithing, leatherworking, woodworking, and the creation of personalized accessories and apparel are some of our favorite endeavors.
The use of quality, and some repurposed, Sterling Silver, Argentium, Fine Silver, Gold, Gold-Filled, Pewter, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium and Niobium are among our preferred metals.
A variety of stones are also used to enhance many of our jewelry and accessory designs. Many are cut and finished by the artisans themselves.
Our relationship with our stone, leather and wood providers allow us first peek at new products. This permits us to select the perfect piece for each design.
Wood is carefully chosen to show off particularly appealing occurrences in nature.
Everything is shipped from or picked up at The Artisans' Workbench in Georgetown Texas.
Using traditional and modern techniques and tools. This practice results in the creation of unique and affordable goods.
Our apprenticeship program is in place to encourage craftsmanship. Devin Anderson is our current apprentice.
Artisan led Creative Gatherings are available for creating your own one-of-a-kind treasure to keep or share. Individual and group Creative Gatherings for all skill levels and ages are offered.
You will find timeless designs as well as trendy looks. If you don't see something you want please give us the opportunity to design for you or refer you to a maker in our network that will create your perfect design.
Enjoy your shopping experience!
Gaby Shultz, Proprietor 


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